Business Intelligence
Audit & Validation

Professional tools for auditing and tracking verification. Automated tests to validate your analytics and marketing implementation helps build the trust in your data and ensure success of all your marketing activities.



Data Layer

TrueM Web Inspector

Designed for Digital Analytics, Marketing teams and Business Intelligence Consulting Agencies to create various test scenarios after analytics implementation is completed or another part of the website was added to the measurement infrastructure. Such tracking updates may contain a misconfiguration for an already running part of the tracking, which turn data collection to not as expected. This is why tracking verification is important after each release. We solved this problem for our teams and offer you a solution which helps save your budget by making test process faster, easier and with higher quality.

  • Automated click tracking on landing pages

  • Sitemap validation for websites

  • Various event triggers like Click, Touch, Swipe, Form filling …

  • Dynamic reporting engine with interactive filter engine

  • Versioning and side-by-side comparison

For Consulting Agencies

TrueM Web Inspector significantly reduce your effort for tracking validation after updates on your clients IT platform and notify you automatically if any changes occur

For Business Intelligence teams

Keep an eye on all third-party tools on your website. See what each platform really collects on your website, no matter what kind of events they use to track your clients (event scroll-, click-, touch-, swipe-inteactions or form fillings)

For Marketing Experts

Build a foundation for trusting your data to be able to make significant decisions and budget allocations. Plan your next campaign and make automated validation of your landing pages and conversion points



  • Landing page validation

  • Limited test runs on shared ressources

  • Dynamic reporting engine with interactive filter



  • Unlimited tests on shared infrastructure

  • Automatic repeated test runs

  • Comparison view with difference to previous test runs

  • Test results exportable for custom documentation in MS Word or Excel format

  • Includes TrueM Mobile Inspector


up from $629/month

  • Private server infrastructure

  • Unlimited tests with up to 10 parallel testing agents

  • Custom corporate identity layout

  • Exclusive test scenarios for your business requirements

  • Multi-client/-project suite with User Management and Enterprise Functionality like proxy usage, behind-the-login tests and more

  • Optional API access and feature development exclusively for your business

  • Optional as Windows and Mac app available

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TrueM Mobile Inspector

Mobile Inspector is designed as a cloud based solution for all sort of mobile devices for a hit-inspection, which provide you a proven valuable insights for hits coming out of the mobile device. TrueM Mobile Inspector is a professional tool that is specialized to web analytics and marketing request validation, with no extra set-up to use.

Mobile analytics

Capture all requests going to your analytics and advertising systems without need to update your source code in the App or doing any kind of modifications in your tracking setup.

Test case engine

Setup your test cases once and check them automatically by just clicking through the app navigation. Use all kind of automation on client side for running automatic test scenarios.

Dynamic reporting tool

Compare your results agains previous runs. Customise your reports by adding your or your clients layout. Export as PDF, Excel or CSV to use the results in custom presentations.



  • Report engine with dynamic filter and highlighting function

  • Enterprise shared server infrastructure

  • Test case generator engine


up from $249/month

  • Collaboration testing with others from i.e. your dev or consulting team

  • Report engine with dynamic filter and highlighting function

  • Export test session in TXT / CSV or Word / Excel with customized layout

  • Enterprise custom server infrastructure

  • (Optional) Offline version for Mac / Win available

  • (Coming soon) Test case generator engine

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TrueM Event Stream Inspector

Verify your data layer in real-time, doesn’t matter mobile or web analytics setup. Use the dynamic report system to filter specific parameters in event streams. Support all kind of Tag Management Systems like Webtrekk Tag Integration, Tealium iQ, Google Tag Manager, Adobe DTM etc.

Quick data layer validation

The cloud solution is designed for quick data layer validation for you app or web analytics / marketing integration

Platform independent

Event Stream Inspector is completely platform independent and can work with all kind of Tag Management Systems

Dynamic Filter engine

Report engine with dynamic filter function allow rapidly find misconfiguration in your analytics or marketing impelementation


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