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How to add a funnel chart in Data Studio?

Add a community visualization to your Data Studio dashboard in 3 simple steps

#1 Update connector settings

By default, connector settings don't allow adding community visualizations to your dashboard. In order to use a funnel chart with the FunnelGraph connector, please enter the connector settings and activate the option "Community visualization access". 

#2 Open community visualizations gallery

Now in the report inside of the toolbar you can open the modal window with "Community visualizations" by clicking on the icon right to the "Add a chart" button.

In the modal window, please click on " Explore more" in order to see the full list with options.

#3 Add funnel visualization

Inside of the "Community Gallery" popup window you will need to select the first option "Build your first visualization" to proceed.

Finally, paste the path to the currently available funnel visualizations in order to add the chart to your dashboard.

Visualization FunnelGraph (examples)


Visualization D3Funnel (examples)