New User Interface (Beta version)

Event Stream Inspector

About the new release

TrueM Event Stream Inspector got a new User Interface for the first customers. The new UI allow users focus on comparison parameters through the incoming event stream. By using modern technology like NodeJS in combination with, as well as dynamic UI frameworks like  AngularJS 4, Bootstrap and Material Design, we are proud to provide this update our clients, who singed for the beta test program.

The new User Interface of Event Stream Analyzer support the old features, as well as bring new ones like described in the following list:

  • Separating based on parameter name and value to cut useless income traffic (i.e. on account name or to see the traffic for specific session id)
  • Dynamic request filter to compare same types of traffic by selecting a parameter name or value (i.e. in first step filter all view requests, after that filter the event stream to get all event requests)
  • Highlighting parameters by putting them from the main list of each request into the headline (i.e. to follow the click path)
  • Create a PDF view of the test report in full size (with all parameters of the event stream request) or in minimal view with only highlighted and required parameters


In the near future we provide a new update, which will include:

  • Table layout for request view for better comparison of each parameter value
  • Comparison of the results from previous agains the current test sessions
  • Layout customisation with your Brand color and logo for customised report printouts
  • ... and a lot other brand new cool stuf :)

More detailed product description will coming soon.