Mobile Analytics Testing made easy

Mobile Analytics Inspector

Mobile Analytics Inspector

We are proud to announce today the new analytics testing solution we provided to the first beta testing user, the TrueM Mobile Analytics Inspector.

Mobile tracking verification was always a very uncomfortable part of analytics implementation because of required high complexity level setup process to get the test environment with local remote proxy solutions up and running. The process was very slowed down specifically on SSL setup steps, which also never works for the first time and where you cannot trust again, if it will work again if you restart your computer. Until now ...

TrueM Mobile Analytics Test Engine allow to capture all requests going out to analytics or marketing platforms without doing any updates in the app itself. It's a fully stand-alone solution, which could run will all kind of Tag Management or Third party systems.


All kind of requests going out from the mobile device could be reported by using a fully dynamic filter engine, which allow to run a high amount of various test cases, to verify if all data parameter set correctly before they will be passed through to an analytics system.

If you are interested in a demo, please feel free to contact us.