Enhanced E-commerce Tracking Flow

Google Analytics

About the tracking flow solution

Ecommerce tracking description is based on Enhanced E-Commerce solution of Google Analytics, described on official website

The tracking flow is Google Analytics specific and based on following Product and Promotion actions

  • click: A click on a product or product link for one or more products.
  • detail: A view of product details.
  • add: Adding one or more products to a shopping cart.
  • remove: Remove one or more products from a shopping cart.
  • checkout: Initiating the checkout process for one or more products.
  • checkout_option: Sending the option value for a given checkout step.
  • purchase: The sale of one or more products.
  • refund: The refund of one or more products.
  • promo_click: A click on an internal promotion.

Transfer the steps to a diagram, the e-commerce flow can looks like following:


To measure the product clicks each HTML item should contain the following parameters:

  • Product ID
  • Product Name
  • Position in the list
  • Product Category (optional, on category pages will be measured automatically)
  • List name (optional, on search result and front page can be set dynamical via JavaScript)

The parameters can be placed in HTML product item container including class name "product-item":

  data-list-name="Shop New Items"
    <img alt="" width="233" height="233" />

On WooCommerce WordPress the following plugin can be used to measure the product clicks: Tealium-GA-Enhanced-E-Commerce-Tracking-for-WooCommerce. Detailed description will be placed in the following article Tealium iQ WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce Tracking with GA Enhanced Ecommerce