Vimeo Video Tracking Library

Tealium iQ

About Tracking Library

Tealium Vimeo Trackin Library is a small JS plugin  for measuring Vimeo Player Events, written in JS/jQuery, as an extension in Tealium iQ. The plugin is currently in alpha phase, some of events can possible contain wrong data and should be checked before production usage. All player events should be only tracked once, restarting the video should not reset the event trackers.

The following events will be tracked:

  • Started video: when the video starts playing.
  • Paused video: when the video is paused.
  • Resumed video: when the video starts playing when it was paused.
  • Completed video: when the video reaches 100% completion.
  • Skipped video: when the video is skipped forward or backward.


Additionally, progress tracking events contain the following steps:

  • 25% Progress
  • 50% Progress
  • 75% Progress

Before using on your website, please check the code to change parameter names and attributes.