Tealium iQ WordPress Plugin

for WooCommerce Tracking with GA Enhanced Ecommerce

About the new release

Tealium-GA-Enhanced-E-Commerce-Tracking-for-WooCommerce is a free WordPress (WooCommerce) Plugin, which allows you to setup tracking with features of Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce in combination with Tealium iQ Tag Management System.

The plugin require  Tealium's WordPress Plugin and help to track the user behavior across e-commerce stores special for product impressions on category pages, product detail views, until to the purchase confirmation page. This plugin is still in beta and need several steps to be done, before the data can be used in Tealium iQ. Nevertheless this plugin can help you to solve recurring issues in combination of GA.

With the default Tealium iQ Plugin a data layer is added to your WordPress website containing:

  • Site name
  • Site description
  • Post date
  • Post categories
  • Post tags
  • All post meta data, including custom fields
  • Search terms
  • Number of search results



In some cases, after "Add to Cart" action data layer parameters like "product_id", "product_name" etc. contain wrong values and disallow to track the current viewed product on detail page, this plugin solve this problem.

In addition this plugin provide the following features (currently as alpha status):

  • Checkout functionality for guests and users
  • Captures Product Impressions on
    • category page
    • for featured and recent products on homepage
    • for related products on detail page