Data Studio 
Funnel Graph Connector

Visualize your Google Analytics data in Data Studio as funnel graph and find Drop Off Points to Maximize Your Conversion Rate.

Funnel visualization 

Funnel view is one of the best ways to identify leaks in your customer journey. Ultimately, the goal is to increase conversions by using funnel view, which helps you home in on the exact stage in the journey that’s causing the most dropouts.

Funnel Graph connector uses a free Data Studio Visualization “d3-funnel Graph”. The  d3-funnel is extensible, open-source JavaScript library for rendering funnel charts using the D3.js library and focused on providing practical and visually appealing funnels through a variety of customization options.

Step-by-step drop-off calculation

Drop-off rate helps identify the steps in the funnel that are causing the users to leave your funnel. Conducting analysis of those steps helps optimize those steps to minimize the drop-offs and optimize the conversions.

Funnel graph connector provides different ways of drop-off calculation:

  • Drop-off total value & percent to all users started the funnel

  • Drop-off value & percentage to previous step

Flexible visualization

Thanks to layout customization options Funnel Graph provide lots of features to make your analysis easier.

  • Build-in percentage calculation for value and drop-off rate (no custom metric required)

  • Flexible label layout by using placeholder structure

  • Customizable Tooltip functionality for providing detailed information

  • Settings like dynamic color calculation, width, height, and many more options provide even higher layout flexibility

Stay tuned, we are working hard to provide you, even more, features soon …

  • $9.90

    / month
  • Unlimited funnel steps
  • Separate settings per graph
  • Overall segment setup
  • Sequential segment settings
  • $59

    / 6 month
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  • $106

    / 12 months
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